Cool Ideas for Teen Easter Baskets

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Almost everyone loves getting an Easter basket on Easter Sunday morning, but it can be tricky to fill a basket for a teenager, who may feel the usual trinkets and treats are too childish. Rather than chocolate bunnies, plastic eggs and fake grass, put in things that a teenager will actually want and use.


Teenagers love music. Put in CDs of a teenager's favorite music group or a gift card to a music store or a website where he can download songs to his mp3 player. Add a pair of ear buds or headphones.

Add an "App"

Put a handwritten "gift certificate" in the Easter basket telling your teenager she can download one new application onto her Internet-enabled cell phone and you will pay for it. Limit the dollar amount, of course.


Teenagers usually like grooming items. In the basket, put small sizes of shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, face wash, deodorant, soap, shaving cream or cologne in the teen's favorite brands. Add a new electric razor for a boy or a cosmetics bag and compact mirror for a girl.

School Supplies

By spring, teenagers' school supplies from the fall are starting to look ragged or are running out. Put new notebooks, pens and pencils into the Easter basket. Make these gifts more fun by adding surprising touches. Tuck movie passes into the front cover of a notebook or put Easter candy inside of a new pencil bag. Fill a treat bag with colorful erasers combined with the teenager's favorite miniature chocolates.