Cooking Shrimp on the George Foreman Grill


0:00 hi I'm Veronica Perez from cornucopia

0:03 foods and I'm here to show you how to

0:06 cook shrimp on the George Foreman grill

0:08 the ingredients you will need are olive

0:11 oil salt and pepper shrimp a pair of

0:15 tongs a brush and of course your George

0:19 Foreman grill the first thing you'll

0:21 need to do is take some olive oil and

0:23 brush it on your shrimp that will help

0:25 the shrimp from burning and from

0:27 sticking to your grill the next thing

0:29 you'll do is add a little bit of salt

0:31 and pepper or you can use any of your

0:34 favorite seasonings or spices next take

0:38 your pair of tongs open up your lid and

0:41 place your shrimp on the grill

0:52 close the lid and they should be ready

0:55 in about a minute okay

0:57 so it's been about a minute take your

0:59 pair of tongs open your lid and remove

1:02 the shrimp from your grill onto a nice

1:05 platter and garnish it with your

1:07 favorite garnishes or some parsley for a

1:10 nice meal I'm Veronica Perez from

1:12 cornucopia foods and that's how you cook

1:14 shrimp on the George Foreman grill