How to Convince Spouse to Choose Separation Over Divorce

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Approaching the topic of separation and divorce is not an easy task. If you and your spouse are contemplating splitting, it is important to weigh the options of both options. Choosing a separation instead of a divorce can offer several benefits for both of you and your family. In order to convince your spouse to choose separation over divorce, consider the financial, emotional and logistical challenges associated with divorce.

Chance of Reconciliation

Although there may be days when both of you feel as if all hope for your marriage is lost, it may not be the end. When choosing a separation, you both have the opportunity to work on your marriage or gain perspective with some distance. According to the experts at, you can reverse a legal separation, whereas you cannot reverse a divorce, unless you choose to remarry the same spouse you divorced. If your marriage is on the rocks but you both feel that you can repair the marriage, then separating might the best choice for your family.

Religious Preferences

It may be ideal to take a break from your spouse if it seems impossible to live under the same roof and converse cordially on a daily basis. Many people, though, don’t want to launch into a divorce due to religious beliefs. If your religion does not allow you to end your marriage through divorce, a legal separation will allow you to stay in good standing with your faith family, according to the experts at the Wood Law Group in Beaverton, Oregon.

Financial Concerns

Divorce can be a costly option when both parties are paying for lawyer and court fees. Instead of racking up costs, many couples are choosing separation agreements to save money, according to Andrew Chow, a legal expert at Couples can draw up a division of assets, a custody agreement and financial expectations for a legal separation, without incurring the costly fees associated with divorce. In addition, some states offer tax benefits for couples legally married, even though they are separated.

Family Considerations

Divorce is a final step that many children struggle to come to terms with, especially at a young age. It may be helpful to remind your spouse about the impact and long-lasting effects of divorce on your family. Many couples choose to legally separate and postpone divorce until children have moved out or matured to ensure that they can cope and adjust to the family changes, according to the experts at In addition, a separation may give you and your spouse more time to divide property and assets without the rushed deadline of a divorce court date.