How to Convince Your Boyfriend to Propose

Are you are ready to get engaged and getting sick of waiting for your boyfriend to propose? Here are some tips to help speed up the process and get a ring on your finger.

Make sure that you want to marry him, not just get married. It is always hard when you are head over heels in love with a guy and all of your friends are getting engaged, but remember a break-up is better than a divorce. Be sure he is the one by asking if you would still want to get engaged if there was no ring, no big wedding, and if he lost his job, car, and house. Make sure you are on the same page about kids, money, work, and the future before working to get engaged.

Figure out if your boyfriend wants to marry you. Talk about your future and figure out whether he sees himself married and whether or not he sees himself married to you. Many of these revelations come out through drunken conversations, but it is really important to have a sober heart to heart about your future.

Figure out his timeline. Is he still in school or working to achieve some goal? Odds are he won't propose until he reaches his goal or goals. Talk to him about what he wants to do after he achieves the next step. He may not come out and say that he will propose after he gets the promotion, but if his next step is another work related goal, he may not be thinking about marriage for a while.

Drop hints on your time line in honest ways. Instead of leaving pictures of rings around the house, bring up practical reasons why you might want to get engaged (changing your name if you are getting published, signing a job contract or lease, or moving). I have found that many of my friends got engaged shortly after their boyfriend realize that it was a now or several year situation.

Take off the pressure. People cave under pressure. Once you lay out that you want to get married and need an answer soon, all you can do is wait. If you add pressure he is more likely to leave, so avoid an ultimatum until you are willing to leave.

Enlist help. If it has been a while, don't be afraid to drop hints to his mom and mutual friends. They may be helpful in lighting a fire under him.