Congratulations Gifts for Men

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When a man is celebrating a special achievement such as a promotion, marriage or retirement, a congratulatory gift can be hard to find. Also, men don't tend to collect jewelry or quaint household items. You can buy only so many neckties. However, with a little creative thought, a gift can be found that he will cherish forever.

Story of a Lifetime Journal

Some men find it difficult or tedious to chronicle their thoughts in a journal. But everyone likes to reminisce on the accomplishments and important moments of his life. A leather-bound Story of a Lifetime Journal is a book filled with different questions. The questions span a lifetime and cover events like college years, marriage, family and career. They provoke thought and reflection and help the recipient tell his story. This gift can be given to accompany a high school graduate through his life as he heads off to college and beyond. A retiring grandfather can use the book to capture memories for future family generations. These journals have space for pictures and important keepsakes.

Stealth Cocktail Shaker

For the stylish man that just made partner in his firm, this type of retro cocktail shaker is the perfect gift. During prohibition in the 1920's, cocktail shakers designed to look like something else were all the rage. Placed in plain sight in a home or office, the shaker could be used to store alcohol with no one knowing. A boating enthusiast might love a cocktail shaker designed to look like a ship's lantern. Others are made to look like lamps, complete with shade.

Monogrammed Golf Club Links

Any man who loves golf will love this unique addition to his set of clubs. These aluminum links, finished in either brushed silver or gold, push down into the end of the club handle. Engraved on them is the recipient's monogram initial in the middle, with his full name printed on the top and his phone number on the bottom. Your golfer will never lose another club on the course again.

Gourmet Dinner Delivery

Nothing marks a special occasion better than a celebratory meal. A gourmet-dinner delivery service combines five-star restaurant food with the comfort of dining at home. Three or four course dinners for two can be specially ordered. Different styles of gourmet cuisine are available, from Tuscan to Parisian. Light some candles and lavish that special man with a dinner he won't forget, without having to dirty a single pot.