How to Compliment a Girl You Like Without Sounding Weird

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The last thing you want to do when you're hoping to impress the girl you like is to give her a compliment that comes off as weird or creepy, but it can be hard to anticipate what, exactly, might strike the object of your affection as weird-sounding. The trick is to master both subject matter of the compliment as well as the timing, because if you offer a seemingly innocuous compliment at the wrong moment it can be received as offensive and possibly bizarre. Next time your heart swoons and you yearn to utter flowery words designed to draw affection your way, be sure to remember these tips for success.

Out of Step

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If your compliment is ill timed, you've erred before you even begin to speak. It is a wonderful feeling when you discover you like that special girl and you want to shout it from the rooftops, but until you are actually acquainted with her friends and family, it is best to compliment her when there are as few ears listening as possible. If you get nervous around the girl you like, you're not alone, but a poorly delivered compliment won't help bolster your confidence. So either say it out loud without a crowd or send a private message to project your admiration and protect your image.

The Facade Compliment

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Facade compliments are those that identify something positive about one's appearance. These are the most commonly given, and, therefore, the most commonly heard. For you, that means if you rely on facade comments chances are she has heard it before. Yet, you can still make a unique compliment about her appearance as long as it's sincere. Stick to pointing out the unusual, such as "beautiful hands," "you could wear a poncho and look stunning," or "your smile lit up my heart."

Inner-Beauty that Outshines the Rest

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Whatever attracted you to this girl, it couldn't be all about the way she looks. As eloquently expressed by famous poet and philosopher Kahlil Gibran, "Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart." To give an extraordinary compliment, find the beauty of her inner self. Then, offer the compliment along with an example. If you remark on the manner in which she is kind to others, cite an incident you witnessed to make it more meaningful.

Au Natural

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Being mentally prepared with a list of traits and qualities about her that you adore will be extremely helpful, so that once the timing is right you are not fumbling for words. Nonetheless, there are perfect words given at the precise moment that have the most stirring effect. To simultaneously find those words and achieve perfection in timing, you must be present in the moment for this natural connection to be created. Pay attention to the way her hair moves. Notice how she smiles. Let yourself become entranced with her outer and inner beauty. The words she longs to hear will come naturally if you let them.