How to Come Out at High School

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Making the choice to come out at high school can be one of the most difficult decisions young gay men or lesbians make. If you are debating whether or not you will come out to friends or loved ones at high school, consider the following steps as a way to begin that process.

Assure yourself of your own sexuality before making attempts to come out to others. You may do some research first to help you deal with your emotions.

Read or listen to accounts of other gay and lesbian teens that came out during high school. Sometimes this can provide great reassurance.

Tell a close friend first. Begin slowly by reinforcing all of the positive aspects of your relationship with them. Assure your friends that your relationships with them will not change and that you still value and care for them.

Choose whom your share your sexuality with carefully. Your sexual choices are private affairs and you do not have to tell anyone.

Report anyone discrimination or harassment to the school authority figures. You have the right not to be bullied or intimidated.

Items you will need

  • Information about support groups
  • Friends


  • Familiarize yourself with any support groups that may help teens make decisions with regard to their sexuality.
  • Only come out when your ready. This is not a choice that you should be pressured to make.


  • Never feel pressured to make statements about your sexuality that you are not comfortable making. No one has a right to pressure or coerce you.

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