Combine Wet Ingredients for Banana Bread


0:00 MARIEVE HERINGTON: All right. So, now, we're going to start with the banana muffins. I'm

0:04 going to start with a half cup of butter to which I'm going to add. Now, this, I don't

0:13 know if you've noticed, but there's about, I don't know, five million different recipes

0:17 for banana bread. My recipe's probably a testament to my indecision. I couldn't decide if I liked

0:24 brown sugar or white sugar in my banana bread. So I said, all the recipes that I was looking

0:31 at came out to a half cup. But I said, let's split it, 50-50, quarter cup of white, quarter

0:38 cup of brown. So you'll notice that the butter is really nicely creaming together with the

0:51 sugar, and that's because the butter was, I took out a while before I wanted to cook

0:58 with it. If you can remember to do it, get your ingredients out in advance, so they're

1:04 all at room temperature. Certainly, the butter is much easier to work with. So you can see

1:10 now, I'm just adding three eggs to that, my hand's off a little bit. As well, I'm going

1:22 to add about a third of a cup of milk. And you see using a 2% milk. Now, my favorite,

1:38 a little bit of vanilla. And mix all of that together. All right. So this lumpy mass is

2:09 part one of the wet ingredients. Next, we're going to do the bananas.