Clothing Pattern-Making Software Information

Image by, courtesy of Lucy Portsmouth

Apparel design uses many techniques to produce the final garment sold in stores. One of these techniques is pattern making. For decades patterns could only be drafted by hand. Now with computer-aided design (CAD) software, patterns no longer need to be created by hand.


Pattern-making software enables a designer or patternmaker to digitally draft the pattern pieces that make up a garment.


Fashion colleges use pattern-making software to teach aspiring designers how to use multiple facets of CAD technology. Fashion design houses use pattern-making software to mass-produce the necessary pattern pieces for a fashion collection.


Pattern-making software allows for quicker turnaround time for pattern correction or augmentation. In addition, pattern-making software simplifies the task of grading a pattern to fit different dress sizes.

Professional Systems

Two widely used manufacturers of pattern-making software are Gerber Technology and Lectra Systems. Gerber produces the AccuMark pattern-making software and Lectra Systems produces the Modaris system.

Home and Small Business Systems

Less expensive pattern-making software applications are available for home sewers and small businesses; the software is designed to work on desktop or laptop computers. Some companies like Pattern Maker USA offer a downloadable free trial of their pattern-making software.


Purchasing professional pattern-making software is a huge investment and can be a costly one for someone with no pattern-making and fashion design skills. Those purchasing pattern-making software need to research the specifications of the software and take advantage of any free trial downloads to make sure the software can adequately perform the tasks needed.