Clothes to Wear to a Semi Formal Company Party

Lisa Lake/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As the name suggests, semi-formal attire is somewhere between the long gowns and tuxedos of formal wear and the sundresses and khaki pants acceptable for casual wear. When dressing for a semi-formal company party, spruce up your regular look by wearing an outfit that has more sparkle, shine and sophistication than 9 to 5 clothing. Whether for the holiday season or a specific event, put your most fashionable foot forward by combining the right dress, shoes and accessories for an incredible semi-formal ensemble.


A beautiful cocktail dress brings immediate elegance to a semi-formal look, which is what your host is expecting. Follow etiquette guidelines by avoiding frocks that are too short or expose excessive cleavage and skin. Appropriate cocktail dress choices should fall just above the knee and have movement within the fabric. Add additional class to your look with a dark color palate of either black or jewel-toned colors. As the statement hue of your ensemble, shoes and accessories should be coordinated with your dress color. Consider this option: Pair a crimson wrap dress with a ruby bracelet and earrings. Add a clutch purse and high heels in your favorite neutral, such as nude. Wearing neutral colored shoes will balance the deep red hues of your dress and showcase the rich hue.


Walk into your semi-formal company party with footwear that highlights the sophistication of your dress. For example, if your dress is a very bold and vibrant color, choose a nude pump or stiletto heel to further accent your frock color. If your dress is a more neutral color such as black, white, brown, gray or dark blue, make your feet the focal point by wearing shoes that will wow the crowd. Options include stiletto heels with rhinestone straps or bold solid or patterned pumps.


While not required to have the full-on glam of formalwear, jeweled accessories add sparkle and sophistication to a semi-formal look. Pick baubles with deep colors that match your overall look. Layer accessories carefully - choose one statement piece such as a bold necklace or chandelier earrings and work all other jewelry around it. For example, pair a bold sapphire necklace with stud earrings and a simple bracelet. Combine bold earrings with a brilliant cocktail ring for eye-catching accessories. Handheld clutch purses are the best for semi-formal events.

Hair and Make-up

While elegant hair and makeup is appropriate for a semi-formal event, do not feel obligated to wear a formal updo for your hair. Keep updos relaxed with side-swept buns, braided styles or chic headbands and hair pins. For example, wear your hair down in loose barrel curls with a deep part to one side. Sweep hair across your forehead and accent with a jeweled hair pin. While jeweled bobby pins are acceptable for semi-formal attire, avoid tiaras or rhinestone headbands as those are for formal looks. When it comes to makeup keep your style classy by choosing either bold eye or lip colors but, not both. Keep use of eyelid glitter at a minimum to maintain a sophisticated look which alligns with a semi-formal look.