Clean Bachelorette Party Games

A bachelorette party is the last hurrah for the bride-to-be, and you'd bet that party is going to be tons of fun. Just because it's her last celebration as a single woman, that doesn't mean the party games have to be naughty. Clean bachelorette party games can be just as entertaining, with several that are easy to set up and play.

Who Knows the Bachelorette

This game poses questions to guests to reveal how much they know the bride-to-be. You can keep the questions squeaky clean so no one is embarrassed and the bride--or her mother--will not blush when the answers are read. Set up a list of about 20 questions for the bachelorette to answer prior to the party. Examples include where she met the groom-to-be; what her favorite book or movie is; or which ex-boyfriend was the worst example of someone not to marry. Hand guests the questions and give them time to write in the answers, then read the answers aloud as people mark their score cards. Folks get one point for each correct answer, and the person with the most correct answers wins a prize. One nice reward: a "just us girls" lunch date with the bride the winner knows so well, once the honeymoon's over and she's settled in as a married lady.

I Never

This game is traditionally played as a drinking game, but you can keep it squeaky clean by cutting out the alcohol, and instead have each guest start off with 25 pennies or poker chips. The game asks guests to reveal a number of secrets, based on the types of questions asked. One person begins by making an "I never" statement, such as "I never dated anyone just for his money." Anyone who has, in fact, dated someone for his money has to put a penny or chip into a basket placed in the center of the room. A second person then comes up with a new "I never" statement and the action continues. The game keeps going until only one person is left with any pennies or chips. Prizes can include a coupon for a local spa, a gift basket full of candies and other goodies or a daily meditation book.

Bachelorette Bingo

This is a variation of traditional bingo, where the clues comprise items you have in a large bag or basket. You don't have to have the actual items, but can substitute photos of the item or magazine pictures or ads. Start by creating blank bingo cards for the guests, each containing five columns and five rows. Next, choose your items, which can range from an engagement ring to a wedding dress, a bouquet of flowers to a new set of dishes. Compile a list of at least 50 of those items and make copies of the master list to distribute. Guests will fill in their bingo cards with an item in each blank box. The bingo caller picks items from the basket as guests mark off their score sheets. Bingo winners get a prize. Prizes can include a gift basket filled with bubble baths, a decorative candle or a makeup set.