Class Activities for Catholic First Eucharist Kids

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The Sacrament of First Eucharist marks an important, life-changing moment in the faith of every Catholic child. As such, a teacher preparing a class of First Communion candidates must ensure that each student has a thorough understanding of what the Sacrament means, as well as a sturdy level of comfort about performing the Sacrament.

Worksheets and Quizzes

Evaluate each student's understanding by handing out worksheets or quizzes after instruction. Worksheets and quizzes should contain simple questions in the form of multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, short answer and true or false and should cover the basics about the procedure and meaning of the Eucharist. Fill out worksheets together as a class or have students fill them out at home and bring them to class the next day for review.

Coloring and Activity Pages

For a fun, creative alternative to traditional worksheets, pass out coloring or activity pages pertaining to First Eucharist. Search for free coloring pages online or in a coloring book obtained from a Catholic bookstore. Use pre-made activity pages or make up your own crossword puzzles, word scrambles and word searches using information about the Eucharist.

Short Essays

Ask the children to write out what making their First Eucharist means to them. Provide a list of questions for them to answer, like why they want to make their First Communion, what they know about what the Sacrament means and how this influences their relationship with God. Review the essays to evaluate how well the kids understand the meaning of the Eucharist.


Include among your class readings, first and foremost, the Biblical account of the Last Supper. Also read aloud real stories about First Eucharist memories from adults and older kids. Alternatively, if you have any short essays about the Sacrament from a previous year's class, read those as a class, too. Discuss with the children what these readings say about the significance of the Eucharist.

Videos and Photographs

Children preparing for their First Communion may feel nervousness about the process, having never experienced it before. A video showing children their age making this Sacrament allows children to picture the experience with greater clarity. Explain what happens throughout the video or ask the kids to explain instead. Photographs of previous First Eucharist kids also help present students to imagine their upcoming day.


Practicing for the Sacrament of First Communion also helps alleviate any nervousness kids might feel about the big day. Have kids go through the motions using crackers or store-bought bread and grape juice. Instruct each child how to stand respectfully, how to accept the bread and wine and how to behave afterward. Practice these actions until the class feels comfortable knowing how to behave.


Have each child make a banner for her First Communion. Invite parents to help their children decorate their banners either at home or in class. The banners should represent each child's thoughts and feelings concerning the Eucharist. Display the banners in class or in church for the entire week leading up to the Sacrament.