Church Youth Room Decorating Ideas

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Church youth rooms can build an environment that is conducive to creativity, self expression, growth, and learning. It is a place teenagers can call their own. How you decorate the room can play an integral role in the young people's ability to express themselves or view the room as an extension of their personalities, focus and culture.

Home Away From Home

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The youth room can be decorated so that it feels like home--safe, welcoming and comfortable. To create this atmosphere use comfortable seating such as denim-covered sofas, bean bag chairs and large throw pillows for seating. Use thick pile rugs for just lounging around on the floor and low coffee tables. Lamps and art in trendy colors and styles make the room more relevant to youth who do not want to feel like they have to be stiff or "churchy." Create collages using photos of the teenagers, taken on youth outings or casual gatherings. Another idea you may consider is placing a couple of intimate seating areas in the corners of the room for teenagers who seek private counsel or prayer away from the group. Finish it out with a large flat-screen television and a decent stereo system for parties and videos.

Wacky and Fun

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Let kids be kids by creating a room that is just for fun. A sofa shaped as a pair of lips, a chair shaped like a shoe or boot, loud colors, and contemporary art form a room that is funky enough for any teenager. Include an air hockey and foosball table in the room for free time before and after meetings. A wall-mounted stereo system is another modern touch. Use diamond plate chrome as your wall border and brightly colored lamp shades. Be sure to use enough shelving to store board games and lessons as well.

Self Expression

Why not let the teenagers pool their creativity to build a youth room that will be enjoyed by several generations of youth in your church? They can paint murals on the walls that include a tree formed of nothing but prayer requests. Outline a tree next to it to fill in with answered prayers. Take a simple hollow door and ask the students to paint it any way they like that is not offensive. Ask them to create a look in the room that blends modern youth culture with the call of God on their lives, reminding them of the Bible verse in 1 Peter 2:9 that states that they are a chosen generation. You may be surprised at the ideas that flow into the room, reflecting God's heart in each of them. Just be sure to take lots of photos as they are working so you can make a scrapbook to display in the room later.