Chuppah Pattern Directions

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The Chuppah, a traditional Jewish wedding canopy, represents the home that the new bride and groom will be going into once married. Sewing your own Chuppah is a fairly easy process. The design on each Chuppah is just as unique as each bride and groom. Chuppahs are handed down, custom-made or a family craft. No matter how a Chuppah comes into being, the design is a reflection of the bride and groom. Chuppahs usually contain elements such as scripture, visual symbols, favorite colors, themes special to the couple and even the bride's and groom's names.

Choose a fabric for your chuppah. A heavy fabric like velvet will create dark shadows and will weigh itself down. A light fabric like a silk, linen or cotton will allow light to shine through and will be less likely to droop. Average sizes for chuppahs are 42 x 72 inches or even larger at 72 x 72 inches. You will need to add at least an inch to each side when buying your fabric to compensate for a hem.

Sew a one-inch hem around the edges of the fabric you chose.

Cut your ribbon into four 20-inch pieces. These will tie your chuppah to your support structure.

Fold each piece of ribbon in half, and sew the folded edges to a corner of the chuppah. Some chuppahs have a flap in the front and back that hangs over the support. Create the flap by sewing the folded ribbons five inches from each corner along two parallel sides. This creates new corners and allows the extra fabric outside the ribbons to hang over as flaps.

Choose the design for your chuppah.

Choose colors that are favorites or will match with your wedding party or flowers. Decide in what way you want color incorporated. It could be as a background, accent or in the symbols you choose.

Choose a symbol or design that is meaningful to you and your partner or that you find especially beautiful. Choose the colors you would like incorporated into the symbol or design, as well as the size for the symbol or design.

Choose any scripture you may want included in the design of the chuppah, where you would like it to go and the color for it to be written in. You should also decide whether you want it in Hebrew or English or both. A popular quote is "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine."

Choose if you would like to incorporate your and your partner's name and/or the wedding date into the chuppah. Decide on things like color, placement and script.