Christmas Wish List Ideas for Teen Girls

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Putting together your Christmas wish list can be tricky when you are a teenage girl. You are too old for dolls, but some of the gifts that are fun and fashionable are too grown up for you. You also are beginning to explore your individuality so you would like to receive gifts that are unique to you. Flip through your favorite magazines for inspiration and chat with your girlfriends; you'll have the perfect Christmas wish list in no time.


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There are make-up options to suit all tastes and ages, so be sure to give the gift giver some guidance with your preferences. Look at the different shades and brands available and think about which ones would suit you best. For example, you could ask for some blue eye shadow and a pink lip gloss if you want to glam yourself before a party. Alternatively, if you are a younger teenager, you could ask for perfume or a bath and body set that contains scented soaps and lotions.


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Browse your favorite shops before you write your list. If you see a pair of jeans you love or a top that suits you perfectly, add it to your list and make sure you specify the store it is from, the style number off the price tag, and your size. Alternatively if you would prefer to pick out your clothes at a later date or at the after-Christmas sales, you could ask for gift cards from your favorite store.

Hobbies and Interests

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If you love movies or have a favorite television show, ask for some DVDs. Most TV series eventually come out in boxed sets, or you could ask for a few movies from a certain genre, like comedy or romance. Alternatively if you have a special hobby like arts and crafts, put on your list something like a package of paints and an easel.


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If music is an important part of your life, include on your wish list things to add to your music collection. Write down the name of your favorite artist if she happens to have just released a new album or ask for gift cards to pick your own songs in your local record store. Alternatively, if you have an MP3 player, you could ask for a gift card that enables you to download music from the Internet. For a thrilling night out, you could even ask for concert tickets to an upcoming show of your favorite band or singer.

Jewelry and Accessories

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Accessories like a piece of jewelry or a winter hat are a great thing to put on your Christmas list because it might be easier for your gift giver to select than clothes. Maybe you have a charm bracelet and would like another charm to add to it? Or do you need a new pair of gloves or a scarf? Accessories are a great way to liven up an outfit, too, so think if you have any colors or items missing in your wardrobe and then ask for an accessory that will fill the gap.

An Experience

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If you already have all the music, clothes, cosmetics, accessories and entertainment things you could possibly want, why not opt for something unique that you would not pay for yourself? If you love going to the movies with your girlfriends, you could ask for some movie gift cards. Or if you feel like getting fit in the new year, a membership to your local gym is perfect for your list. You also could ask for a special treat, such as a luxury pedicure or manicure if you love being pampered or a one-day bakery course if you would love how to know to make the perfect cupcake.