Christmas Gifts for 14-Year-Old Boys

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It can be a very complicated task to find an appropriate Christmas gift for anyone, much less an oftentimes moody and finicky 14-year-old boy. Selecting Christmas presents for teen boys is often a tricky task due to ever-evolving teenage tastes and a bevy of other factors, including affordability. However, there are several ideas for Christmas gifts that can work well for many 14-year-old boys.


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Teenage boys often despise shopping and picking out necessities. Due to this fact, one practical and functional Christmas gift idea for a 14-year-old boy is a backpack or book bag. Look for a stylish and versatile backpack from a brand designed for teens, such as Puma or Quiksilver. It is very important to pick out a muted color that is appropriate for teenage boys, such as navy blue, black, dark gray, deep brown or beige.

iPod Nano

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Whether the teenage boy listens to emo or hip hop, he will likely be able to find use in a convenient and pocket-sized iPod Nano. iPod Nanos are inexpensive gifts that are significantly smaller in size than other standard iPods, including iPod Minis. The sleek digital audio players are light to carry and come in a variety of different colors, such as blue, green and yellow.

Sports Memorabilia

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One area in which many teenage boys are passionate is sports. It doesn't matter whether the 14 year old boy engages to play sports himself or whether he simply likes to be a spectator. Many different ideas for sports-related gifts are available, including sports graphic T-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, personalized baseball bats, ticket stub journals for any games they attend, chip and dip bowl sets for watching games, collegiate throws with embroidery, baseball wall graphics with team logos and universal remote controllers shaped like footballs.

Digital Camera

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Teenage boys can use digital cameras to document memorable school events, outings with friends and to take pictures of the family dog. One convenient Christmas gift idea is to purchase an extremely compact digital camera that a teenage boy can simply throw into his backpack and forget about until he needs it. One example of a very tiny digital camera is Canon's PowerShot A3100-IS, which provides detailed and bright photographs.