Christian Wedding Song Ideas

Music is a central component of a wedding ceremony. From pre-processionals to unity candle lighting, each moment is made more inspiring and meaningful with the right music. For a modern Christian wedding, the wide assortment of music is somewhat overwhelming; however, choose well and the memories created by your treasured choices will last a lifetime.


For a more conservative bride and groom, hymns provide a lovely and meaningful source of music. Hymnbooks are traditionally divided into sections that include songs for thanksgiving, which are optimal wedding selections. Commonly used hymns include "For the Beauty of the Earth" and "How Great Thou Art." Carefully list the titles and vocals in the wedding program; add verses if the congregation will be accompanying.


Selections from Pachelbel, Mozart, Handel and Schumann are among the favorites of modern Christian couples. When considering classical music decide whether to have the music preformed or simply replayed. With live musicians, most have a prepared repertoire to choose from, so be sure to request a specific piece.


Worship music is gaining increasing popularity among young couples for their wedding day. Typically preformed by a worship team performing meaningful songs of a Christian's ultimate love, worship music creates a ceremonial atmosphere that is unsurpassed. Typical titles for wedding worship include "Take my Life," "How Great is our God" and "Oh Lord You're Beautiful."


Christian contemporary music offers meaningful lyrics with a sacred commitment. Examples of contemporary music include "I Will Be Here," "How Beautiful" and "Give me Forever." A family member, worship leader or perhaps even the bride or groom can perform these songs of love and commitment.