Christian Ladies Day Conference Decoration Ideas

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Decorating for a Christian ladies' day conference focuses on the women attending and the Biblical theme of the conference. Colors may reflect the season, a particular holiday or the wishes of the decorating committee. Decorations include napkins, centerpieces, banners and place cards and/or individual nut cups. Decorations include the Biblical passage and reference on which the theme is based.

Love One Another

Base the theme “Love One Another” on John 15:12, "Love one another, as I have loved you." Use this verse on the banner decorated with hearts and flowers. Intertwine hearts and flowers for the centerpieces and as graphics on napkins, place cards and other decorations.

Serve One Another

Gather pictures of the women as they serve the church and community by helping others. Get pictures of them teaching Sunday school, calming babies in the nursery, serving in the kitchen, building a low-income home in the community or dishing out food at a homeless shelter. Print copies of the pictures to lay out on the tables. Cover with clear plastic. Centerpieces consist of a wreath of greenery or flowers around a candle with the verse from Galatians 5:13, “ love serve one another.”

Bind Us Together

Wrap paper chains around hurricane lamps on the tables. The theme on the banner reads, “Bind Us Together.” Use the verse from Colossians 3:14, "And above all these things put on charity, which is the bond of perfectness." You might wish to use a contemporary version that translates charity as love and perfectness as harmony or unity. Include at each table setting a slip of paper about 5 inches long. Use a variety of colors for the slips. Set staplers at each table. Part of the evening is to have the ladies attending place their names on their slips and create a paper chain at each table. Explain that the slips represent that while everyone is created unique, working together makes women strong. Together women can make a difference. Use the lyrics from “Bind Us Together” as part of the decorations by writing them on a wide ribbon down the center of the table.

Celebrate the Season

Decorate for the Christian ladies day conference according to the season. Base the theme and season decorations on Ecclesiastes 3:1, "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven." For spring, decorate with fresh lilacs or tulips in baskets with tall candles on either side. For place cards, use a single flower in a small vase with the name on the vase. For a summer conference, use a wreath of roses and other summer flowers around pillar candles. Use the flowers as graphics on the banners and on other decorations. In autumn, create centerpieces from a variety of colorful leaves and twigs. Use graphics of autumn leaves on banners and use fall-themed napkins. Winter offers a wealth of decoration possibilities. Decorate for winter sports with skates, sleds and mittens and hats. Decorate with confetti “snow” down the table and use snow globes as centerpieces. Use a life-size snowman behind the main table. Decorate with a “Christ Has Come” Christmas theme. Use nativity scenes nestled in beds of greenery on the tables with tall candles on either side. Set the candle holders on large star mats.