Christian Father's Day Crafts

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A Christian craft is a religious-based activity that incorporates some reference relating to God. If you are a Sunday School teacher or a parent looking for a Christian craft for Father's Day, you can help children create many thoughtful gifts for their dads. Let them add their own personal touch to make their gifts special for their fathers.

Honor Thy Father Coupon Book

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Find verses in the Bible that begin with "Honor thy father..." in the Books of Exodus through Proverbs. Have your child make a coupon book for his/her dad. Make a cover on the book with one of these verses on the front. Then, help your child come up with different chores to help their father. For example, mowing the lawn, washing the car, watching a ball game together, any other activities that their father would appreciate. They can print them on the computer or handwrite them on construction paper. Hole-punch and put a piece of yarn through the holes to hold the coupon book together.

Handprint Canvas

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Make a Christian craft using thin-point Sharpie, a little bit of paint and a canvas on a frame. Ask the child to write on the canvas a Father's Day poem from one of the many online sites (see Resources) that have Christian poems about fathers (if you are helping a very young child, write out the poem for him). For a personal touch, see if the child can write his own poem.

Once the poem is on the canvas, add a handprint of the child. Use a sponge brush and Dad's favorite color to paint the child's hand. Press his or her hand firmly on the canvas to leave the print. Be sure to write "Father's Day" and the date.

Bible Verse Pencil Holder

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Make a Christian pencil holder. All you need is an empty can, construction paper and glue. Make sure to thoroughly clean the can--you can use vegetable or soup cans. Using construction paper, cover the outside of the can. Find several Bible verses that relate to fathers. Write a few of the verses on the can and a personal message to Dad. Put some new pens and pencils in the can.

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