Christian Children's Crafts & Activities

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One of the easiest ways to get children to learn and remember a lesson is to do so through interesting and fun activities. This holds true for children who are being taught about the Bible and Christianity. Coming up with activities may be a little challenging, though, especially when dealing with younger children. So it's best to pick projects that are easy to complete and that have a very simple and easy-to-understand lesson.

Jesus Hearts

This project is quite simple to accomplish, but it does have the potential to get a little messy. All you need are some sponges, some paint, some wooden hearts and some small magnets. Pass the wooden hearts out to each child and have them write their names on the back. Pour the paint into trays and let the children use the sponges to dab paint on their hearts. Once the hearts have dried, show the children how to write "Jesus Loves Me" on the front of it. Then glue a magnet to the back of the heart. Voila! The children now have an ornament that they had fun making to remind them of Jesus's love.

Serving Others

A useful lesson to teach children is that serving others can be its own reward. If you have snack time or some other period when food and/or treats are distributed, then you should select a volunteer to distribute them. This should be seen as an honorary position that the children should strive for, possibly by giving the volunteers some kind of badge or other mark of rank. Additionally, there should be a tray or other platter that's used only for this activity. This will teach children that they should respect and honor those who serve other people, as is suggested in Galatians.

Filling the Temple

Another activity is to teach children about what they should fill themselves with. You should have some various fillings on hand, the first of which should look disgusting. Show this filling to the children, and then stuff it onto a cracker. Add arms and legs, and a head to the filling, drawing the analogy that you are what you eat. You can then take the metaphor even further by suggesting that things such as bad language, too much TV, junk food and other things will make them equally gross inside. Then show them a second sort of filling, preferably something sweet and tasty, to make them see how filling themselves with good and healthy things will make them better people.