Children's Activities for Church Bulletins

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Keeping children occupied in church can be a challenge, as it is difficult for many children to sit still for the duration of the sermon. One way to make sure that they remain occupied and receive the day's lesson is to have activities in your church bulletin. You can include word searches, pictures to draw and color and true or false questions.

True or False Questions

True or false questions are great ways to teach children basic biblical principles. Have a section in the bulletin that includes a picture of Jesus Christ, and include several simple statements that children will evaluate. Sample statements include "God only hears us on Sundays," "God knows each one of us," "Jesus loves me" and "God loves us all." After reading each statement, children write a "T" or an "F," signifying that the statement is true or false. You can coordinate these statements with the day's sermon. This activity will help children understand that day's lesson in terms that are appropriate for them.

Pictures to Draw

One way to keep older kids occupied while learning about the day's lesson is to have them draw a picture about that day's lesson. For example, if the day's lesson is about the importance of evangelism and spreading God's Word to others, you can have the child draw a picture that depicts this activity. Alternatively, have them draw pictures of significant biblical figures, such as Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, David, Noah's Ark or Moses. Once they understand the figure's role, they will be able to draw the person or a scene including the person.

Pictures to Color

Pictures capture children's imaginations. Consider including pictures in your bulletin for younger children to color. You can have pictures of Jesus Christ, the church building or a family, for example. If it is Christmas time, you can include a Nativity scene for children to color in. No matter what image you choose to include for coloring, consider aligning the image with the day's sermon so that children get the essential message for that day. For example, if you are teaching about the importance of faithfulness to God, you can include a depiction of Daniel in the lions' den. Have children color in the scene, including Daniel, the lions and the den.

Word Searches

Consider including word searches for children to complete. In a word search, you have a large block of letters. Within the large block are several complete words that children must find and circle. Include words relating to the day's lesson or to faith as a whole. For example, you can include Bible verses, the names of books of the Bible, or key words such as "faith" and "heaven."