Cheerleading Birthday Party Ideas

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Cheerleading-themed birthday parties are easy and fun to do. Since cheerleading is all about team spirit, bonding and excitement, your party should evoke the same feelings. You can do this with different decorations, games, food, gift bags and activities.


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Sending out cheerleader invitations is a great first step. You can buy them or create them at home. The invites can include a cheer, a picture of the squad or anything else that you would like. For example, it can read: Give me a “P” give me an “A” give me an “R” give me a “T” and a “Y”; or spell out the name of the person who is having the birthday.

Decorations & Table Décor

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If the birthday girl is a cheerleader, you can use her team colors to decorate. Hang streamers and balloons, cheerleading posters, banners, and cut or print out things like pom poms, team logos, megaphones and cheers for the walls. Use cardboard or poster board paper to make a birthday sign-in and message sheet. It can be in the shape of any type of cheerleading equipment (like the megaphone). Hang it on the door so each guest can write their name and a personal greeting. Plates, napkins, utensils and tablecloths can match the team colors or have pre-designed cheerleading logos on them. Party supply stores and various online retailers offer a variety of these (see links below). Create a cheerleading-themed name card for every guest and place them around the table. You can also make a cheerleading centerpiece.

Food & Cake

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The best types of food for these parties are ones that are quick and easy. An assortment of chips, vegetables, fruit and other snacks, make for great appetizers. If it’s outdoor you can have a barbecue or order pizza. The last thing you want to do is run back and forth from the kitchen, so simple is better. Baking cookies or cupcakes before hand and having the guests decorate the treats themselves is also fun. Set up a decoration station with icing and other toppings of your choice. Cheerleading-themed cakes are also available and can add to the overall theme.

Games & Part Favors

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There are tons of cheerleading games that the guests can play. You can have a cheer competition where every guest has to create their own new cheer, and give awards to the person with the most original cheer, funniest cheer, loudest cheer, most spirit and more. Having a professional or trained cheerleader come to the party and teach the guests a new cheer is also fun. Activities like decorating your own cheer shirt, hair ribbon, bracelets, tote bag and other accessories, will make the time fly by. In addition to serving as mementos, the cheerleaders can wear or use them for practice and games. Gift bags and party favors are one of the best features of a party and are easy to do. Write each guests name on a bag and include things like a whistle, cheer stickers, temporary tattoos, a water bottle, key chains and pins.

Tips & Considerations

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The specific decorations and activities should be suitable to the age group that’s being entertained. You can also make other additions or substitutions according to your budget. Many decorations can be made using things you already have around the house and you can print out things from your computer. Party supply stores and 99 cent stores often have a lot of these materials for cheap. Craft stores are a great resource for purchasing materials that can be used for the decorations, activities and goody bags.