What to Do to Cheer Up After You've Broken Up With Your Girlfriend

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Breakups are painful, and sometimes moving on can seem impossible. Once you realize the end is really here, however, you have to find a way to pick yourself back up and start living the single life once again. It may sound easier said than done, but there are ways to find happiness again after even the hardest of breakups.

Let It Out

Before you can start moving on and cheering up, you need to allow yourself to grieve, according to marriage therapist Sheri Meyers in the "Huffington Post" article "Dealing With a Breakup: 7 Healthy Ways to Cope With Post-Split Stress." That means suppressing your natural desire to pretend the pain away and allowing yourself to actually feel it, even if just for a brief period of time. Pull out your journal to document your feelings, or call up a close friend to rehash the details. Use this time to acknowledge your own hurt, so that you can begin moving away from that sadness.

Surround Yourself With Friends

Don’t be afraid to lean on those who care about you or to allow them to help cheer you up. It can be tempting to isolate yourself when dealing with a breakup, but you are so much better off letting the people who love you most remind you of just how special you are. Go to the movies with friends, or spend a night in cooking with your family. Let them give you reasons to smile for a while until you are strong enough to find those reasons for yourself once again.

Keep Busy

Once upon a time you were involved in plenty of activities and hobbies that had nothing to do with your relationship. When couples pair up, however, they often lose sight of those things they used to love doing separately. Now is the time to embrace some of those individual passions once again, suggests relationship counselor Nathan Feiles in his article "How to Get Over a Breakup" for PsychCentral.com. Consider joining a sports team or signing up for a local art class. Anything to help get you out of the house and excited about what your life still has to offer.

Focus on Others

Spending some time volunteering and contributing to the greater good can be incredibly healing, according to Meyers. Set some time aside to help others, and consider committing to a few random acts of kindness as well. Realizing the difference you can make while bringing a smile to other people’s faces is a great way to start smiling again yourself.