How to Check My New York EBT

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Checking your New York EBT balance is a simple task. The state pays cash and food stamp benefits monthly through an Electronic Benefit Transfer card. You can check the balances on an EBT card in four ways: by phone, online, at an ATM or at a grocery store.

Checking your balance

Have your EBT card and PIN ready when you check your balances.

Call the Customer Service help line at 888-328-6399 to check your balance by phone. A recording will prompt you to enter your card number and PIN to get balance information.

Log in to using your card number and PIN or user ID and password. When you log in, you will be able to see your cash and food stamp balances.

Use your card at any ATM that displays an EBT logo. You will be directed to enter your PIN. Once you have done so, you can check your account balances.

Ask the cashier at a grocery store to check your account balances for you. The cashier will instruct you to swipe your card and enter your PIN.