Cheap Ways to Have a Baptism

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Baptism is the introduction or rather initiation into the Christian faith. Baptism is the first step and should be followed later in life by Communion and Confirmation. It doesn’t matter how old you are -- you can be baptized. Most people who are already Christians hold a special ceremony for the newly baptized to welcome them to their faith. Baptism itself usually doesn’t cost anything, though it depends on the church; some churches will charge administration fees. However, having a baptism celebration after the ceremony doesn't have to break the bank.

Ways to Cut Costs

Throwing a party to celebrate an important event can be very costly, but you can keep those costs down. Throw the party at your own home, or, if weather permits, at a local park; renting a venue is very expensive. Instead of purchasing fancy invitations, call and personally invite your friends and family. If there are too many guests for that, you can always send out an email or create your own invitations using a computer.

Dessert Party

If you are planning on celebrating the baptism with a party but worry about the cost of feeding a large group of people, opt for a dessert party. Ensure that this is made clear on the invitations and do not set the party time during lunch or dinner hours. That will prevent guests from expecting a meal. Purchase a large baptism themed cake and a few pies, then serve coffee or lemonade. Everyone will enjoy satisfying their sweet tooth while celebrating this important event.

Pot Luck

If you have a large immediate family, include them in the party planning process. Explain that this is an important event, but you need help with the cost of the party. Ask a few close relatives or friends if they would be willing to bring a dish to celebrate the baptism. Everyone will enjoy the variety of dishes and community style meal.


Baptism ceremonies are usually held during morning services. A great idea for an inexpensive party would be to serve brunch; breakfast foods are cheaper. All you to need to serve is scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, and a coffee cake. Breakfast meats like sausage and bacon can be highly expensive, so just opt out of serving them. Your vegetarian guests will thank you. Ensure that you have hot coffee or tea for adults and milk for children.