Cheap Places to Have a Wedding Reception

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Budgeting for a wedding can be a very difficult experience; however, there are many creative and budget-friendly options for hosting a wedding reception. Renting venues in the local area that are not labeled as wedding locales will increase availability and lower prices. Many rental facilities that are not conventional options for weddings have potential for hosting a charming reception.


A budget-friendly option for a wedding reception is available right at home, or possibly the home of a relative or friend. Having a reception in a backyard is free from booking and rental fees, which allows for more monetary resources to be spent on decorations, food and drinks. Backyard receptions can offer an intimate, homey and welcoming experience for guests without any restrictions that can be imposed by a rented venue.

Botanical Garden

Many botanical gardens have indoor and outdoor rental facilities available. The natural beauty of the area can be a stunning backdrop for weddings or receptions without extensive decoration. For example, the UBC Botanical Gardens rents facilities from $650, including an outdoor amphitheater, as of February 2011. When choosing a natural setting for a reception, such as parks, gardens or arboretums, consider using non-disposable products to reduce waste. Natural venues have varying requirements and restrictions on products that may be used on site, which makes researching before booking a reasonable concern.

Recreation Center

Recreation centers and commonly located in community parks. Their location offers both indoor and outdoor spaces for receptions, since many centers have picnic and natural areas. Only residents of the respective county or community are eligible to rent the buildings, and there is often a deposit required for keys and security. For example, the Prince George's County Department of Parks and Recreation requires a $40 key deposit and $150 security deposit in addition to the rental fee, which is $160 on weekdays and $220 Friday through Sunday, as of February 2011.

Historic Site

Many historic sites such as homes, mills and plantations have spaces available for event rental. Although prices vary depending on the site, certain spaces can be rented for a low price. An instance of this can be seen in the rental prices for the Liberty Hall Historic Site, which rents gardens and lawns for between $200 and $700, as of February 2011. Historical homes and sites are usually carefully manicured and can add charming personality to a reception.