How to Find Cheap Local Couple Counseling

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When your relationship is falling apart and you need help, couple counseling can be a lifesaver. But, when you are on a very limited budget and you can not afford expensive therapy this can be a very big challenge to overcome to get the help you need. These easy steps below will guide you in finding cheap local couple counseling very quickly.

Locate your phonebook or you can just as easily use the internet to look up local therapists in your area to call. The first question you will want to ask is if they do couple counseling and if so, what do they charge. You will want to also ask if they offer any sort of free or low cost counseling for limited income couples.

Phone your local churches next and see if they offer free counseling services or if they know where a struggling couple could find some help. Do not worry that you need to be of that religion or faith, most churches are more than happy to be of service to anyone who calls them looking for help.

Fill out any paperwork required and provide proof of income to any charity based low cost counseling service. Most of these service providers are getting donations from churches or people they have previously helped in the past. More than likely you have found a non-profit counseling center to help you and they will need proof of your income for their records and to see if you fit the requirements.

Make sure to arrive early for any appointments you make and also set up a few future appointments in advance, and be sure to keep them. These low cost or free couple counseling providers fill up quickly and are providing you a service and you should think of it as a favor and act accordingly. There are many people who would love to have such a service, so be thankful and use this opportunity to the best of your ability.

Work hard to be honest and open with your counselor and let the process work for your relationship. Remember it may get a lot harder before it gets better, but stick with it and keep the faith. Relationships are hard work, but in the end true love is always worth the time and effort.