Cheap Family Reunion Gifts

by Olayemi Phillips

Family reunions have been an American tradition for many, many years. Family members can share their histories over good food and reconnect with distant relatives. With families traveling from every corner of the country it is only fitting for them to leave with a small gift or souvenir. Reunion gifts need not be expensive -- it is the thought and creativity that goes into the gift which makes it treasured or memorable.

Family Secrets Cookbook

During the family reunion preparation stage, send out requests for family recipes. Recipes can be submitted from individual family members or a family as a group. It is especially important to gather favorite recipes from the older relatives -- ones which may have even been handed down to them by ancestors. Print out each recipe and the name of the family member who submitted it and compile a "Family Secrets Cookbook" for reunion attendees. Books need not be professionally printed -- a simple ring binder with clear plastic sleeves will do to immortalize the recipes.

Customized T-Shirt

Once you've determined exactly how many family members will attend the reunion, order customized T-shirts. When bought in bulk, T-shirts can prove to be a very economical gift. They can be printed with a personalized design, or perhaps the family crest, which proudly unites family members. It is always a nice idea to add the year and location of the family reunion and the shirts usually become a talking point.

Personalized Candy Bars

Treat each family member to a personalized candy bar as they arrive at or leave the reunion. A chocolate bar is rewrapped, leaving the original wrapper intact. The new wrapper is one which has been personalized to the specifications of the buyer. You can choose from a number of designs, or make your own. Decide between using the family name, individual members' names, or the reunion date, location and a message. Personalized candy bars are a sweet treat for all and the wrapper is a great souvenir.

Magnetic Photo Frame

Present families with a magnetic photo frame. These are picture frames which are traditionally used on the refrigerator and are made in sturdy acrylic. You can also buy them in a soft sleeve design. Once the photograph is inserted, magnets hold it onto the fridge. Gather everyone and take a group photo -- or, depending on how many families attend, photograph each family unit. At a later date, you can mail out the photos and reunion attendees can complete the picture frame. They are certain to bring a smile and family pride in kitchens from coast to coast.

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