Charity Golf Tournament Fundraising Ideas

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Organizations can raise money by hosting a charity golf event since many people enjoy hitting the links for a worthy cause. These events can be even more fun if golfers not only can raise money for a good charity, but also can win prizes or cash for themselves in the process. Fundraising opportunities exist before, during and after a charity tournament.

Before the Event

Fundraising opportunities exist even before the first ball is teed off. Sponsorships offer a great way to raise money. Partner with local businesses and bring them in as sponsors of the golf charity event. Develop different levels of sponsorship and make it clear what the companies will receive in turn, such as prominent advertising or other visibility.

Another way to raise money prior to a tournament is through golfer pledges, in which participants pledge to raise a certain amount of funds. To make it even more enticing for players, offer free golf games for those who achieve a certain pledge levels.

During the Event

The actual golf event is when the most fundraising opportunities exist. Golfers get thirsty and hungry on the course. Take advantage of this by having a cash bar golf cart that sells drinks, such as water, alcoholic beverages (if allowed) and soft drinks, as well as salty snacks like pretzels and potato chips. Salty food will make golfers want to drink more.

On-the-course contests are a popular way to raise funds. For example, a "Beat the Pro" contest would have golfers pay a fee to see if they can knock the ball closer to a hole than the golf pro would achieve. If a golfer’s shot is not closer, the individual loses. However, if a participant knocks his or her ball closest or in the hole, the golfer receives twice the wager amount. Another fundraising opportunity is "Pro for Hire." This involves placing a professional golfer, who is good at long drives, at one of the longest holes on the course. Players have the option of paying the pro to drive his or her tee shot.

After the Event

After the golf outing, fundraising opportunities exist by hosting a dinner or banquet. During the event, consider hosting a silent auction or raffle. For the raffle, ensure you raise money for your charity by pricing tickets twice the cost of the prizes. Even more money will be raised if you are able to get items donated. The after-golf event also provides a great backdrop to thank participants and sponsors.