How to Change the Name on a Passport After Divorce

by Paul Lin

A passport is a form of identification that is used primarily for international travel and nationality purposes. Name changes due to divorce means having to make corrections to your current passport before you travel outside of the country. Applying for a renewal or correction is a simple and hassle-free process if the necessary documents are provided.

For Passports Issued Less Than One Year Ago

Complete application for U.S. passport name change. The form is known as DS-5504 or "Application for the U.S. Passport: Name Change, Data Correction and Limited Passport Book Replacement." The form can be downloaded online and is located in the "resource" section of this article.

Take two recent photographs. You need to submit photos only if it has been 90 days since the passport was issued. Photos must meet certain requirements that can be found in the "resources" section of the article.

Mail your completed application along with your current United States passport, photos and any original court documents or certified copies of legal name changes due to divorce. No fees are required for passports within one year of being issued.

Must mail to:

National Passport Processing Center

Post Office Box 90107

Philadelphia, PA 19190-0107

For Passports Issued More Than One Year Ago

Complete application form DS-82 also known as the "Application for a U.S. Passport by Mail." If you received your passport more than one year ago, you are required to complete a different form and submit a renewal fee. Fee amounts can be found in the "resources" section of the article.

Prepare two recent photographs, application and current U.S. passport. Include the passport renewal fees in the form of a personal, cashiers or travelers check and should be made out to the "Department of State" Money orders payable to the "Department of State" is also accepted. Also include any original court documents or certified copies of legal name changes due to divorce.

Mail your application along with all the necessary documents to the address listed on the application form or submit on location. Passport agencies are not in all locations and can be found in the "resources" section of the article for one closest to you.

Items you will need

  • Current U.S. passport
  • Application form
  • Two identical photographs
  • Fees (if applicable)
  • Legal divorce documents


  • For important documents such as this, send your mail certified so you can track when the application arrives and if it has been received.


  • Allow six to eight weeks for your passport to be processed and sent to you. During high volume travel seasons, processing and delivery times may vary. If you are planning a trip and need a new passport, plan ahead.

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