How to Change Your Name Back After a Divorce in Wisconsin

There are several legal determinations and changes to make during and after the dissolution of a marriage. One change you might elect to make post-divorce is a return to your premarital surname. The state of Wisconsin has established a procedure for residents desiring a name change. Wisconsin permits residents of the state to petition for a legal name change. The process involves a court procedure that can take weeks to complete and the payment of several fees.

Complete the Petition for Change of Name form, which can be found at Sign the completed form in the presence of a notary. Have the notary sign, date and seal the form. Make two photo copies of the completed form.

Complete the Notice and Order for Name Change Hearing and the Order for Change of Name forms. Do not write in any fields designated for the use of the judge or court.

File all the forms with the clerk of courts at your county court. Pay any filing fees required by the court. Within the coming weeks, the court will mail you the Notice and Order for Name Change Hearing complete with the date, time and place of the hearing. Review the notice of hearing and take note of the hearing date, time and place. Make necessary arrangements to attend the hearing. Make one copy of the notice.

Take the copy of the Notice and Order for Name Change Hearing to a local, weekly newspaper. Have the notice published in the newspaper at least once a week for three weeks prior to your hearing. After the final publication, the newspaper will give you an Affidavit of Publication. Make a copy of this affidavit and file the copy with the clerk of courts at your county court.

Attend the hearing on your name change petition. Bring your original or a certified copy of your birth certificate, as well as the original Affidavit of Publication. If the judge grants your name change, file the completed Order for Name Change with the clerk of courts in your county court.