Centerpieces of the '70s

Reggie Casagrande/Photodisc/Getty Images

The 1970s comprised a fantastic decade. How about planning a 1970s-themed party? The era's disco dancing, bright clothes and big, loose hair will provide your guests with a blast of an evening.

If you are planning a '70s disco party, be sure to go all out on the centerpieces and decorations. These will help set the mood and scene, and your guests can take them home as souvenirs when the party ends. Simply let your creativity run free among the fields of peace, love and good times.


In honor of the ladies who helped create the classic '70s looks and styles, use classic pin-ups as the inspiration for your centerpieces. Cut out silhouettes of the “Charlie’s Angels” in their standard poses. Attach these cut-outs to table stands, using a different pin-up for each table. Back-light the silhouettes to create a dramatic effect.

Decorate the walls with movie stills of John Travolta in his “Saturday Night Fever” strut, Pam Greer’s sexy swagger, and “Rocky Horror Picture Show’s” Magenta. Fans of these cult classics will love the photos.

Disco Balls

What '70s party would be complete without a plethora of disco balls? In addition to suspending a large mirrored ball from the ceiling, consider using small disco balls as funky centerpieces. Fill a tall glass vase with enough small disco balls for every person at the table. The light will reflect and sparkle throughout the night.

If the glass vase is too simple, hang small disco balls from a plastic jewelry stand. Guests won't notice the plastic stand when the lights are off, so your centerpiece will look like a fabulous cluster of floating disco balls.

After the party, each guest will have a souvenir disco ornament to hang from his car's rear view mirror.

Lava Lamps

Lava lamps are colorful, mesmerizing and evocative of the chilled-out vibe of the '70s. Use lava lamps as centerpieces for tables on the edges of the room –- you don’t want the party to be so chill that it’s dull. Turn on your lava lamps about an hour before the party; this will give them time to heat up and "do their thing."

Keep the energy up with other popular '70s fads by creating centerpieces from "pet" rocks or towers of eight-track tapes. Visit second-hand shops and novelty stores to find these items.