Centerpieces for a Table for a '70s Party

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Table centerpieces for a 1970s-theme party must include items that are symbolic with that era. Peace signs, bell bottoms, happy faces and disco balls are just a few of the more common things associated with the '70s. Unique table centerpieces not only provide decoration for the table but can also be conversation pieces that get guests remembering and talking about that decade.

Disco Ball

Disco is one of the most symbolic elements of the 1970s, making disco balls a perfect choice for table centerpieces. Mock disco balls are found at party-supply stores. While authentic disco balls are found at select retail stores, check the size to ensure they will not be too large for the center of the tables.

Disco balls can also be handmade using a large foam ball, silver metallic paper cut into small squares or square mirror craft tiles. Begin at the center of the foam ball and glue the squares side-by-side around the ball, continuing in rows until the entire ball is covered. For a simpler approach, simply wrap the entire ball in one full sheet of silver paper or fabric.

Platform Shoes

Platform shoes were popular in the '70s and can make an interesting table centerpiece. Look in thrift stores or at yard sales for retro platform shoes. Take them home, clean them up and paint them in neon shades of blue, orange, green or yellow, making your own psychedelic patterns. Glitter paint is also used to dress up the shoes. Hand paint peace signs or happy faces onto the heels of the shoes for added '70s flair. Display the shoes on the table alone or in pairs.

For a larger centerpiece, use the decorated platform shoes as a base for a brown, yellow and orange flower arrangement or to weigh down happy face balloons.

'70s Nostalgia

Display assorted items popular in the '70s to create unique table centerpieces. Use several 8-track tapes to prop up vinyl records and put a lava lamp on the side of the arrangement. On the other side, place a small basket containing items popular back then, such as mood rings, pet rocks, Rubik's cubes and Pop Rocks candy.

Games popular in the '70s also work for centerpieces; if you can acquire 1970s versions, Trouble, Simon, Operation and Battleship are a few examples.

Bell-Bottom Centerpieces

For anyone who has a little knowledge of sewing, handcrafted bell-bottom pants can make a unique centerpiece. Use toddler-size denim pants to make the centerpieces. Cut open the leg from the ankle, up about halfway to the knee. Sew a piece of funky, patterned fabric into the opening to give the pants a bell bottom. Bend a wire hanger, or heavy gauge craft wire, into the pants to fill them out and make them stand up on their own. If desired, adorn the pants with rainbow, peace sign or happy face patches.