How to Catch a Spouse Cheating Online

More and more marriages break up due to inappropriate online relationships and cyberspace infidelity. If you suspect your spouse is cheating online, monitor your spouse with careful observation and specialized software. Catch your spouse cheating online or put your suspicions to rest once and for all.

Observe your spouse's online behavior. Check to see if she spends excessive time online. Observe if her online time increases significantly. Watch the way she acts when she is online. If she sneaks on the computer in the middle of the night or minimizes the screen quickly when you walk into the room, she might be hiding something from you.

Install specialized software on his computer. There are many programs that can log keystrokes which helps you obtain passwords to email accounts and instant messengers, as well as monitor his online chat sessions. Find keylogging software at Actual Spy.

Use keylogging software to get passwords. Read your spouse's email once you have her passwords. Check both incoming and outgoing messages to catch your spouse cheating online. Print out any emails that confirm your suspicions and keep them as proof.

Read transcripts of your spouse's chat sessions. Use the specialized keylogging software to record all of his chat sessions. Print out any sessions that prove your spouse is cheating and keep them for your own records.