How to Catch Cheating Boyfriend

When you've identified the telltale signs in his behavior, you might need to consult technology and third parties to catch a cheating boyfriend. You don't need to catch him in the act or even with the other person to know that he's cheating if you can put some critical clues together. Ultimately, asking him is the most direct way to find out, but a boyfriend who cheats might have trouble telling the truth. If you choose to sleuth on your own, research surveillance laws in your state to ensure you are not breaking the law.

Cautiously Catching a Cheater

Many products on the market allow you to trace or record your boyfriend's activity. Although it's legal to buy surveillance gear, spying on a boyfriend could be illegal, depending on how you use the equipment and your state's privacy laws. For example, you can legally install hidden security cameras in your home, but if you share the place with your boyfriend and you install the surveillance without telling him solely to spy on him, you might be violating his privacy rights. Experts recommend consulting a private investigator and an attorney for legal advice before trying to catch a boyfriend cheating with surveillance gear.

Take Advantage of Family Tracking

Although there are devices and software on the market that allow you to track your boyfriend's whereabouts without his knowledge, this is not recommended due to privacy rights. Fiddling with someone's private property, such as his phone, to obtain information or install spying software or equipment can get you into legal trouble. You can, however, take advantage of tools you currently have installed on your phones to track your boyfriend, if you share a plan. You can text or call your boyfriend's phone while viewing his location on a map via a tracking program's GPS mapping feature. If he shows up on the map at a location he's not supposed to be, you might be able to find out where he's cheating.

Several apps have added a similar mapping feature, such as Snapchat's Snap Map, that allows you to see your boyfriend and other friends' locations in real time. When on, you can always tell where your boyfriend is, but if he turns it off, or goes into "ghost mode," you won't be able to track him. If you find he lies about where he is or has been, or he tends to go missing so you can't track him, you might have a cheater on your hands.

10 Tell-tale Signs

You might be able to catch your boyfriend cheating if he displays multiple signs of infidelity, including these:

  • Is distant and talks less to you than before
  • Has many more places to go during the day than he should
  • Inexplicably leaves early or comes back later than usual
  • Worries more about his appearance
  • Protects his phone, computers and passwords vigorously
  • Suspects you of cheating, with no evidence
  • Is more critical of you and frequently picks fights
  • Gets highly defensive or irritated by your questions
  • Shows no interest in you or your future as a couple
  • Shows less affection and stops saying"I love you"