Care Package Ideas for Friends

When putting together a care package for a friend, think about those things that are unique to that person; her taste, the things she loves and the things she needs. Always include something personal such as a letter or photo.

Friend Living Far Away

Think of something you and your friend share that is special. For instance, perhaps you enjoy having tea together. Find two teacups at a thrift store which represent the two of you. Fill them with a variety of teas. Write or print a poem or short story about tea to tuck into the box. Include flavored sugars, honey or homemade friendship tea.
If your friend is a gardener, find out what plants grow best where she is living and send a variety of seeds that will grow in her area; add printed recipes or craft ideas for those plants. Include small garden tools and garden gloves in a color or pattern that suits her and a subscription to a local gardening magazine.

Friend Away at College

Include items that represent home such as a framed picture of friends and family, a local specialty like jam or cheese, a postcard from your town or a book by a local author. Include items your friend might need, such as toiletries or school supplies. Be sure even simple items reflect your friend. Add his favorite cologne, pens and pencils in his favorite color, or a favorite snack item. Wrap any breakables in a t-shirt from your town or from the college he attends.

Friend in the Military

For someone in the military, check on any package suggestions or restrictions. Practical items such as toiletries, snacks and personal items are great, but always keep in mind that personal touch. Include her favorite color nail polish or flavored coffee creamer, his favorite beef jerky or soap, or a deck of cards from the local souvenir shop. Include items for fun, such as Mad Libs or small versions of games like Connect Four or Scrabble. Toys like super balls, balloons, Slinkies and puzzles are always welcome.