Candy Land Decoration Ideas

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Numerous versions of Candy Land are on the market, but all of them have two common elements: bright colors and pictures of sugary treats. For a Candy Land party, become a dentist's worst nightmare and stock up on sweets for eating and decorating. A dollar store is a good place to find inexpensive candy -- as well as toothbrushes to pass out as one of the party favors.

Sweet Centerpieces

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Since a centerpiece made of soft candies or ice cream might melt, use harder-to-melt, sturdy candy like lollipops or gumdrops. Place floral foam in a wide nontransparent vase, then stick any type of lollipops in the foam. For decorative accents, place large, coiled lollipops in primary colors in the middle, surrounded by smaller lollipops. Fill it in as much as possible and tie a wide ribbon around the vase. At the end of the party, put the lollipops in treat bags for guests. A gumdrop-decorated cake serves as a centerpiece as well as the main dessert. A three-tiered cake -- or a single round cake -- needs plenty of icing to hold the gumdrops. Create a pattern of gumdrops such as a circle going around the center of each layer, or place them randomly on the sides and top. If you use triangle drops, put them around the base of each layer.

Table of Treats

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The advantage to using the 1980s Milton Bradley version of Candy Land is its simplicity. Newer versions have princesses and trademarked characters; whereas, the older game has gingerbread men as the game pieces. To decorate the table, regress to your childhood and make strings of cutout paper men using primary-colored construction paper. Tape them along the edge of the table with a bit of rolled painter's tape on the backs. Alternatively, cut out shapes of treats such as licorice drops, ice cream bars and cupcakes to tape to the table's edge. On the table, scatter loose, wrapped red-and-white peppermints.

Airy Entryway

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Balloons in an arch around the entrance door of the party space or along the top and sides should follow the Candy Land color scheme: purple, red, yellow, blue, orange and green. Place single balloons of each color, one on top of another, or place two balloons of the same color together to replicate the board-game pattern. You may repeat the colors as many times as you want, but don't use more than two of the same color next to each other; this breaks the single- and double-color pattern of the game. On the door, attach large colored-cardboard cutouts of the game pieces.

Around the Room

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Use low-tack poster putty or painter's tape to attach small, colored gingerbread-shaped men to the walls. Colored construction paper creates the signature winding Candy Land path along one wall; just use whole rectangular sheets, secured with tape, for the squares. If pets or kids can't get into them, place clear vases filled with jelly beans around the living room, such as on side tables, the coffee table and the mantel.

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