How Can I Wake Up in the Morning Without Waking My Wife?

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Husbands and wives sometimes have very different work schedules, and if one has to get up earlier than the other, this can be a problem. A husband who doesn't want to disturb his wife is not only considerate, but thoughtful -- although waking up in the morning without waking your wife might be more difficult than it sounds.

Separate Beds

Probably the only way you can be certain not to awaken your wife is to sleep in separate bedrooms. Separate beds may help as well, even if they are in the same room, as long as they are some distance apart. Although this may sound like a drastic solution, it is not as uncommon as you might think: Up to 40 percent of couples sleep in separate beds, according to Colleen Carney, director of Toronto's Ryerson Sleep and Depression Laboratory. The reasons for this range from sleep disturbances such as snoring and restlessness to incompatible morning schedules. This doesn't mean you can't cuddle before bed -- just move to different beds or rooms before you fall asleep.

Close to You

If the alarm awakens your wife, try putting it as close to you as possible so you can turn it off the instant it rings. Don't set the snooze -- quiet the alarm immediately. The longer you allow it to ring, the more likely it will awaken your wife. If you use a phone alarm, place it under your pillow to muffle the sound. Attach earphones to your phone and then place them under your pillow or wrapped around the bedpost nearest your head.

Vibration Devices

Vibration devices can wake you up without awakening your spouse. One of the simplest ways to do this is to set your phone alarm to vibrate and place it under your pillow. The downside is that the phone may get dislodged while you sleep. Other, more effective wireless devices include straps that attach to your wrist and vibrate when it is time to wake up.

White Noise Devices

Along with trying to diminish the noise of your alarm clock, try masking it with a white noise device. Many people sleep more soundly when a fan is running in the background, or a white noise machine is producing the sound of ocean waves. If this is the case with your wife, place the machine closer to her than you. Hopefully, it will mask the noise of your alarm. Take care of grooming in the bathroom or someplace other than the bedroom.