Can You Use Foundation Primer As Eyeshadow Primer?

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If you currently use foundation primer, you know the benefits it has for applying your favorite cosmetics. But remember, not all primers are created equal. Think twice before applying to the eyelids, as foundation primer won’t have the same effects as primer made for eyeshadow.


As the name suggests, foundation primer is used before applying foundation to your face. Its primary function is to smooth out the skin so your foundation doesn’t clump up on dry spots, blemishes and wrinkles. Anti-aging formulas can even minimize the appearance of fine lines and pores. Foundation primer can be used with both liquid and powder foundations for an even distribution. Eyeshadow primer, on the other hand, is used to keep eye colors in place, and to prevent creases from forming.

Anticipated Results

The benefits of using primers are significant in different ways. Priming the face for foundation ensures a more natural finish, while versions made for eyelids are better equipped at keeping eyeshadow in place – especially brighter colors. Foundation primer may be used on the eye area to minimize wrinkles before applying liquids and powders; however, if you want your eye colors to stay in place, you need to use eyeshadow primer, too.

Application Tips

Using foundation primer only requires using a pea-sized quantity. Apply evenly across the entire face, otherwise you may end up with an uneven finish when you use foundation. Eyeshadow primer also goes a long way. Apply a few dabs to the eyelid and gently smooth across until even. You may also use a small amount on your lower lashes if you plan on using eyeliner in this area.

Complementing Techniques

No one wants their eye makeup to crease. While eyeshadow primers are a first step to keeping your colors in place during all kinds of weather, there are other complementing techniques to ensure all-day wear. Always start with a clean face before using your primer – this is especially true of oily skin, where excess sebum gathers in eyelid creases. After applying your colors on top of the eyeshadow primer, finish up with loose powder to keep everything in place.