How Can I Be More Supportive If My Wife Is Pregnant?

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The news that your family is about to grow can be an exciting and rewarding time -- but it can also leave you wondering how to best support your pregnant wife. Though only your wife can say what she needs most during this time, there are several ways to be more supportive during her pregnancy.

Understanding Pregnancy

One of the first things you can do to be more supportive is to read up on pregnancy. Talking to your wife's doctor, reading books about pregnancy or attending labor classes together can help you brush up on what to expect. This knowledge can also help you think of questions to ask the doctor at your wife's next prenatal appointment. You can also help your wife eat more nutritious foods and get plenty of exercise by cooking for her or working out together, according to the March of Dimes.

Handling Responsibilities

A pregnant wife may experience mood swings and frequent fatigue, so pitching in with daily chores can prove helpful. Washing dishes, picking up the kids from school or taking on the grocery shopping can reduce your wife's stress, according to the NHS website. Taking on responsibilities that could be a health hazard to your unborn baby, like changing the cat litter, are also important. After talking to your wife, pregnancy can also be a time to start talking to family and friends about any help you may need after the baby arrives, like having a relative picking up your other children from school.

Planning for Baby

Before your bundle of joy arrives, helping your wife put together a baby registry or browsing thrift stores for baby items can be helpful, according to the March of Dimes. You can also ask family and friends if you can borrow any baby items. In the meantime, learning how to bathe, clothe and diaper a baby can show your wife that you are prepared to take on some of the responsibility after the baby arrives, according to the NHS. Reading baby books or attending a baby care class in your community can help you learn these skills, as can babysitting for friends with young babies.

Medical Care and Delivery

Throughout your wife's pregnancy, attending as many of her prenatal appointments as you are able can help you to stay in the loop and support your wife. During labor, your wife may expect you to be her advocate -- the one who speaks up to doctors on her behalf to ensure that labor and delivery go as she expects, according to What to Expect. Depending on your wishes and your wife's wishes, keeping a camera nearby to document your child's first moments can create a precious keepsake for both of you.