What Can I Do to Show I Care More About My Girlfriend Than Other Girls?

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Showing your girlfriend that you care more about her than other women is all about paying attention. Do some little things for her that she’ll notice, plan a special night out, express your affection for her in public, and pay more attention to her than other women. If you’re doing all of that, she’ll have no choice but to believe that you care about her.

Do the Little Things

Showing your significant other that you care doesn’t mean you have to do it with a big, flashy show. The small gestures count for a lot, according to Jamie Long, Psy.D., author of the article "12 'Thirty Second' Ways to Connect With Your Spouse," published by “Psychology Today.” Make sure that you’re touching your girlfriend often, asking her questions about her day and telling her that you care about her. Write her a little note and stick it on her pillow in the morning, or surprise her with some fresh-cut flowers in the evening, and she’ll feel special. Even getting up to make coffee or breakfast for her while she stays in bed shows how much you care.

Show Some PDA

If you want to show her that you care more about her than other women, try getting a little more generous with PDA. When you feel free to hug her, kiss her or put your arm around her in public, she’ll feel like you want the world to know you’re together. Most importantly, keep your focus on her when you’re together. No more wandering eyes! Women notice when you’re checking out other women. Even though you might argue that being able to appreciate other women doesn’t make you love her any less, it’s best to keep the focus on her and on your night out together.

Plan a Special Night

Planning a special date night for her is guaranteed to bring both of you back to the beginning of your relationship, when you felt nervous, excited and totally in love. Listen carefully to what she says about what she likes. If she mentions that she wants to try the new wine bar in town, or that her friend saw the latest movie and totally loved it, book the reservations! She’ll be so pleased that you were paying attention. Long recommends that you wear something nice, as you would on a first date, and treat her like a date as well. A little special treatment helps a lot.

Resist Flirtation With Others

If the problem is jealousy on her part because she feels that you do flirt with other women, try to assess the situation from her point of view. Could you be less physical with your female friends and still appreciate them as friends? The answer is probably yes. You don’t have to hug and kiss your female friends, touch them on the arm or otherwise flirt with them in front of your girlfriend. Save most of your physical intimacy and PDA for her, and she’ll know where she stands.