Can a Man Still Have Feelings With a Woman Years After a Breakup?

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Although many men try to forget about their exes after a breakup, it is possible to have feelings that linger for years. Often, these feelings are in response to a positive memory, explains therapist David Braucher in “Psychology Today.” These lasting memories and feelings will likely be pronounced in couples who had longer relationships.

Reasons for Lasting Feelings

While men may still have feelings for a woman because the couple was a good match and meant to be together, this can also serve psychological purposes. Specifically, thinking about an ex can create feelings of “comfort” long after the relationship ends, states Braucher in his article “Why Can’t I Get Over My Ex?” Further, in some men, romantic interactions can trigger addictive-type behaviors, which are usually rooted in unmet childhood or psychological needs, explains addictions researcher Stanton Peele, Ph.D. in “Psychology Today” and in his book “Love and Addiction.” That said, most healthy men will be able to let go of past relationships after a relatively short amount of time.