Can You Make a Smoothie at Night & Freeze Until Morning?

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Smoothies are the perfect breakfast on the go, chock full of healthy ingredients and easy enough to put in the cup holder of your car. Making smoothies in advance and freezing them until ready to drink is an appealing idea, but unfortunately it's not quite so simple. Smoothies that are made in advance and re-frozen will freeze completely solid, making a chunk that's impossible to drink the next day. Fortunately there are some great prep tricks that can streamline the process and save valuable minutes in the morning.

Portion It Out -- But Hold the Juice

Make smoothie packages in advance by portioning out frozen or fresh fruits, veggies and seeds or nuts in plastic baggies or mason jars. Label and freeze these premeasured packages and use them within six months. To blend, simply add ice, protein powder, if desired, and liquid such as milk or juice. Alternatively, blend up a smoothie without ice and store it in mason jars or other lidded cups in the fridge. This version obviously won't be as icy, but the ingredients will stay tasty and fit for consumption for up to three days.