How Can I Help My Girlfriend Trust Me?

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Trust is the cornerstone of a relationship between two people. When that relationship is a romantic one, trust is even more important. If your girlfriend does not have a solid foundation of trust regarding you, she might wonder where you at any particular time and what you might be doing that would be hurtful to her and your relationship. In a new relationship it might take a while to establish that trust as both you and your girlfriend might be mistrustful of each other because of bad relationships in the past.

Respect your girlfriend. Your girlfriend can feel distrustful if she feels she has been disrespected. There are many ways that you can disrespect your girlfriend that include flirting with other girls or making fun of her in a way she finds offensive. Show her respect by only flirting with her and complimenting her in the best light while around others and cutting off communication with previous girls you have dated.

Tell your girlfriend where you are going and who you are with. Another way a girl can start not trusting a guy is if she finds out he is not doing what he said, or hanging around different people than he said he would be with. Being honest in these areas will allow her to always trust your word.

Put her fears at ease by your actions. Humans are certainly not perfect, and your girlfriend may be predisposed to feel distrustful because of previous family or dating occurrences in her life. If you get the sense that she does not trust you verbally reassure her that you can be trusted. Then back that up with your actions.

Use communication devices. When two people who are away from each other, the mind can start to wonder to unpleasant things that the other person might be doing. Tell your girlfriend she can always call, text, e-mail, interact through social media pages or even communicate by video phone. By seeing you and the fact that you are not up to anything you should not be doing, she will have more faith in you and your relationship.

Tell her how much you appreciate her in your life. People start not to trust other people if they feel they are not valued. Their A girlfriend who does not feel valued will think you might be looking elsewhere for a connection. Tell your girlfriend how much you love and appreciate her in your life on a regular basis. Just a few words go a long way.

Remove secrets from your relationship. SEcrets can definitely destroy trust. If she feels like you are hiding something, she will always be wonder what that "something" is. If you have made a mistake, own up to it and tell her you did not want secrets from each other. That does not mean there will not be consequences, but they will be far less if she hears what happened from your mouth than someone else's.