Can I Get a Girlfriend Without Traditional Dating?

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It is no longer necessary to experience the fear of approaching a complete stranger in order to find a girlfriend. More and more singles connect through social media and online dating sites. Others take advantage of social networks and organized dating. A combination of online and offline methods will increase your chances of meeting someone, but eventually, you'll need to connect in more traditional dates to build a healthy relationship.

Social Media Dating

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and FaceTime facilitate online dating. As new people are added to your list of contacts, the chances of meeting and getting to know women increases, according to social media strategist Julie Spira in her Huffington Post article, “Online Dating Vs. Offline Dating: Pros and Cons." You may eventually come to realize that you have more in common with a contact than you had previously known. Social media services offer the opportunity to socialize through texting, video calls, exchanging gifts and playing games while online. These sites increase the frequency of communication while eliminating the need to be geographically close.

Internet Dating Services

Numerous dating sites facilitate opportunities to meet and socialize with partners. These services match you with women who share common interests. If there are profile pictures, you can see what your prospective date looks like before taking further steps to get acquainted. Dating sites range from the larger and more popular to sites with smaller memberships. You also have the option of signing up with a service which focuses on special interests, such as or

Offline Alternatives

Compatible romantic partners can be found through offline methods, as well. Speed dating is an organized event in which participating individuals spend no more than 10 minutes in a mini date with another partner. Each person rates their dates. Following the event, organizers use the ratings to match participants. There are also professional matchmakers who can be employed to set up one-on-one meetings or plan group dates on the behalf of clients.

The Need for Traditional Dating

It is quite possible to start a relationship through non-traditional methods. But as your relationship develops, it will benefit from traditional methods of dating. More specifically, this includes meeting in person for particular events. Some Internet dating services incorporate traditional aspects of dating through organized social events so that members can socialize in person. One such event is Read Dating, held at local libraries. Here, people are grouped based on favorite books and genres.