Can You Freeze a Breakfast Sandwich?

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There's no denying that breakfast sandwiches are very convenient and often delicious. Being able to grab one straight from your freezer makes them even more desirable. You can buy frozen breakfast sandwiches at the grocery store, or make your own using ingredients you and your family prefer, then properly prepare them for freezing.

Freezing Breakfast Sandwiches

Breakfast sandwiches typically contain cooked pieces of meat, cheese and egg -- or a combination -- between two pieces of bread. Because each of these items can be frozen individually, they can also be frozen together in sandwich form. The key to successfully freezing a breakfast sandwich is letting it cool to room temperature before storing it. If you try to store it while hot, condensation will build up inside the wrapper, which can lead to freezer burn. It may also partially thaw other foods in your freezer, which can ruin their taste and compromise their food safety as well.


Wrap any food you store in the freezer as tightly as possible, so that you keep all air out. Store breakfast sandwiches in a zip-top bag made for freezers, but wrap them each tightly in plastic wrap first. Use two layers of plastic wrap for added security, and make sure to wrap it so that no gaps are left to allow air in. Squeeze the sandwich down as you wrap, to force out any excess air. It will be a little squished, but will regain its shape when you defrost and heat it later.

Vacuum Sealing

If you have a vacuum sealer, you're probably already aware that it's ideal for storing foods in the freezer. To store breakfast sandwiches successfully, use one of the bags or rolls of plastic that you can cut to size. If two people in your family always eat breakfast sandwiches every morning, slide two sandwiches next to each other in a bag, leaving space in between. Adjust the number of sandwiches in the bag according to your family's eating preferences. Follow your sealer's instructions to suck all the air out of the bag and seal it shut. Write today's date and the type of sandwiches in the bag on the label, then stick it in the freezer. This works equally well with store-bought, homemade and restaurant-made sandwiches.


It's possible to freeze your breakfast sandwiches in a freezer-safe airtight container instead of in plastic wrap or a vacuum sealer bag. However, you should eat any sandwiches you store this way as quickly as possible, because they won't be able to fight off freezer burn as well as sandwiches you wrap more tightly. Freezer burn doesn't compromise food safety, but it does create offputting flavors and textures in food. Also, if you store multiple sandwiches in a single container, resist the temptation to stack them on top of each other -- or they'll freeze together.