What Can My Boyfriend Do to Help Me Throughout My Pregnancy?

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You and your boyfriend are expecting a baby. This can be an exciting, yet anxiety-provoking time for you both. You want your partner to be involved with your pregnancy, but you may be uncertain as to how he can help. Having your boyfriend share in the experience -- both in its triumphs and challenges -- is important as you prepare to welcome your new baby into the world.

Knowing What to Expect

A pregnant woman needs a well-informed partner to encourage and support her, according to the University of Rochester Medical Center in the article, "We're Pregnant: Tips for the Expectant Dad." Your boyfriend can help you throughout your pregnancy by being involved and attentive. For example, encourage him to read books about what to expect during your pregnancy, or read them together. Ask him go to prenatal doctor appointments with you and attend birthing classes. He should also be prepared for morning sicking and mood swings by being patient and understanding.

Making You Feel Desired

As your body changes, you may feel fat, unattractive and uncomfortable. Your boyfriend can help boost your self-esteem and make you feel better about yourself by making you feel desired. He can assure you that he still finds you attractive and that he still desires you. For example, he can tell you that you're beautiful or that he thinks your belly is beautiful as it grows. Tell your boyfriend if you are feeling bad about yourself so that he can offer you reassurance.

Making Health a Priority

Your significant other can show support during your pregnancy by adopting a healthier lifestyle, suggests The BabyCenter Medical Advisory Board on the website, BabyCenter, in the article, "How to Share in Your Wife or Partner's Pregnancy." Now that you are pregnant, your lifestyle will likely change. While you are pregnant, you need to abstain from alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. It's also important to eat a healthy diet. Your boyfriend can support you by also abstaining from unhealthy habits. Exercise is also important, which you and your boyfriend can do together. Have him take a walk with you after dinner or join you for a yoga class.

Preparing for the Baby

It's important to prepare for the arrival of your baby -- together. Together, you can pick a name and baby-proof your home.Your boyfriend can help you pick out baby items and furniture. It can be fun to pick out paint and decorate the nursery together. If you're having a baby shower, you can register together. He can also help you prepare for the birth of your baby by joining you for a tour of the hospital where you will have the baby.