What Can My Boyfriend & I Do for a Creative Date Tomorrow?

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You can only spend so many nights snuggled up on the sofa eating reheated Thai takeout and watching "Breaking Bad" with your boyfriend. Shake things up by injecting some creativity into your dates. There are a number of fun and spontaneous dates that you can enjoy with your beau on short notice.

Cook Dinner

Ditch the delivery menu and make a night of cooking together. Browse exotic and creative recipes on the Internet and select an appetizer, entree, side and dessert that you will both love. Instead of worrying about whether they "go" together, focus on things that excite your palate. Try choosing recipes with exotic ingredients that you've never tried or maybe never heard of -- kumquat, quail eggs, seitan. Then make a field trip to your local gourmet food store or farmers market and gather all your wares. You will have fun together learning how to create from scratch a meal that stimulates the senses.

Take a Class

Learning something new together can help deepen your relationship. Sign up to learn a creative art that has always intrigued or inspired you. Maybe you've always wanted to try painting, glass-blowing, life drawing, salsa dancing, heated yoga, or Indian cooking. Some other ideas are a make-your-own sushi class, chocolate-making class, or a beginner cake-decorating class. Choose something that neither you nor your boyfriend has tried before to make it extra exciting.

Watch the Stars

Get a map of the stars of your region and head out to a place where you can see them clearly, such as a wide-open field far away from city lights or a clearing in the woods. Then use the map to locate constellations. Bring a pen and create constellations of your own. Give them fun names. In addition to being creative, this classic date idea is also very romantic, as it encourages you to contemplate the grandness of the universe.

Start a Garden

Planting together can be a fun and creative date idea that can symbolize "sewing the seeds" of your future together. Visit your local home and garden store to pick out seedlings of herbs that you use frequently in your cooking, such as basil, rosemary, thyme, oregano and peppermint. After selecting some pots and some soil, you can begin your home herb garden.