Cake Decorating Ideas for a Lingerie Party

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Cakes for a lingerie party need to have a feminine and flirty look to echo the lingerie theme. You achieve that flirty look with the right combination of color, style and decorating materials. Decorating the cake yourself lets you take control of the dessert’s appearance. You can rely on store-bought decorating materials, such as rolled fondant sheets, for the greatest ease; however, some materials, such as buttercream frosting, are so simple to make that you may want to make your own.

Cake Decorating 101

Decorating any cake requires certain materials, such as fondant, a sugar dough that you can dye any color and roll into smooth sheets. Use the sheets to cover the cake or cut shapes from it. You can buy or make all kinds of frostings, but typical store-bought frostings are buttercream. To make your own, beat butter, powdered sugar and vanilla extract with an electric beater to make basic buttercream frosting. You can smear or pipe frosting onto cakes. Use a spatula to smear on your frosting, and then pipe your frost decorations with a piping bag, a nozzle and a coupling for the nozzle, if desired. Nozzles come in a variety of shapes, although the round tip is the most common.

Lovely Lace Cake

Combine a piece of lace and store-bought fondant to create a feminine cake with a sleek silhouette. Bake a large cake in a rectangle cake pan and let it cool. Lightly frost the cake with buttercream frosting to create a “glue” that sticks the fondant to the cake. Roll out a thin sheet of white fondant, and then place the fondant over the cake, smoothing and trimming as needed until the dough fits the cake shape. Position the lace over the fondant; use a rolling pin to gently press it into the fondant. Carefully peel back the lace. Repeat the process until the entire fondant sheet is covered with a lace pattern. Lightly brush the cake with red sugar sprinkles so that the sugar falls into the crevices and makes the pattern stand out.

Feminine Polka-Dot Cake

Polka dots add a whimsical touch to your lingerie party cake. Cover any kind of cooled cake with a smooth layer of buttercream frosting, and then cover the cake with a thin layer of yellow fondant, smoothing and trimming as needed. Cut small and large circles from a thin sheet of pink fondant. Brush each circle with water and sprinkle with pink sugar crystals. Let the sugar on each circle dry so that it sticks to the fondant. Coat the back of each fondant circle with frosting. Press each sparkling circle gently onto the yellow fondant, with the frosting side in, placing the circles in a random polka-dot pattern.

Lingerie Store Box Cake

Decorating a rectangle cake to look like a lingerie box from a fancy store is relatively simple. Cover the cake with a light layer of buttercream frosting. Roll out a thin sheet of pink fondant and cover the cake with it, smoothing and trimming as needed. Pipe thin lines of red gel frosting across the fondant to create a stripe pattern. Cut a long, thin rectangle from a sheet of white fondant. Bend the rectangle into several loops to create a multi-looped bow, and place the bow on the top corner of the cake.

Lingerie Model Cake

Create the shape and look of a lingerie model using basic buttercream frosting and round cake tins. Bake two cakes in round tins and let them cool. Place the cakes next to each other to create a figure “8” shape. Cover the cakes with a smooth layer of pink frosting, smoothing the frosting over the cracks to make the cakes look like a single shape. Place a small, round nozzle on your piping bag. Pipe a large, inverted triangle shape on the lower cake with red frosting to create the outline of panties. Make wiggly lines to fill the triangle shape with what looks like lace. Pipe two triangle shapes on the upper cake with red frosting to create the outline of a bra, and add wiggly lines to fill in the bra shape. Create straps for the bra with the piping.