Cake Decorating Ideas for Valentine's Day

A box of chocolates may be a traditional gift given to a loved one on Valentine's Day, but why not sweeten the deal with a Valentine's cake instead? Better yet, how about a Valentine's Day cake shaped like a box of chocolates? Whether it's for a classroom party, your loved one or your children, a Valentine's Day cake is a great way to say "I love you" and serve dessert at the same time.


You can't go wrong using hearts to decorate your Valentine's Day cake. Create one large cake in the shape of a heart and write a message of love on it, or go vertical with your cake by stacking hearts on top of hearts, with each layer slightly smaller than the one below it. Two hearts pressed together at the tips makes a great cake for a couple. You can even do something as simple as baking a sheet cake and sprinkling heart candy all over the top of it.

Box of Chocolates

Instead of giving your loved one chocolates served in an unappetizing cardboard box, serve the candies up in a moist, delicious chocolate cake. Use a square brownie pan to bake the cake, then cut out the middle of it. Fill it with candies from a real box of chocolates. Use a tube of icing to decorate the edges of your cake "box." Alternately, create a very realistic cake box by using a heart-shaped cake pan and red fondant. For specific directions, see the link in the resource section below.


Nothing says "I love you" more than a bouquet of roses. Why not give your loved one a box of roses made of cake? If you prefer not to make icing roses, see if your local bakery will sell you some preformed candy roses. Cut an 8 X 12 cake in half and put the halves end-to-end to create the "box." Frost the cake a plain white or light brown (the color of a box). Use icing tubes to create roses on top of the cake, so it looks like a bouquet of roses are lying in a box. To make the cake really shine, line a real flower box with wax paper and place the cake in the box. Put the lid on the box and tie it with a pretty ribbon.